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Entry # 5 - Our Cutiepie, Kami 
On August 15 my mom and I went to an animal rescue center called Peaceable Kingdom. They had all types of cats and dogs. We first looked at the dogs. Then we went into a big room that was filled with cats. I saw a black and white kitten that was very playful and cute and I was thinking of asking my mom for him, but then I saw a little cat that was sitting down all by herself with a sad little look on her face. I also saw that on her left ear it looked like some other cat had bitten her or something because there were bite marks on it. So I went up to her and put my hand next to her so she could smell me. She immediately started to rub on my hand and purr. I instantly fell in love with her, and I am pretty sure that she liked me to. :D So I checked her collar and it said Kami on it. I really liked that name and I thought that, that name fit her well. I called my mom over to show Kami to her and my mom liked her a lot too. I asked my mom if we could get her but my mom said that she does not have enough money. I was sad but said ok and we left.

The next day we came back and my mom asked the lady that worked there how much it would be to get Kami. She said that it would be $84. My mom thought that it would be more money so she said ok and that she will think about it. I got so excited. ;D We went back into the cat room to see Kami. She was happy to see us. I was playing with her and we were having so much fun. When it was time to leave my mom took a form from the lady and we left.

My mom began to look at the form and started to fill it out. I never thought that I would ever get a cat. So when I saw my mom filling out the form I got even more excited than I already was. My mom saw me jumping around and smiling, and started to laugh. After she filled out the form she told me that she needed to talk to me about taking care of Kami and all of the responsibilities. I of course agreed to every thing that she said and gave her a big hug and said thank you.

On August 17th 2010, is the day that we got our cat Kami. We went to Peaceable Kingdom and gave the form to the lady and we took the crate that we brought and went into the cat room and took Kami and put her into the crate. She was a little scared, but I don't blame her. :) When we got her she was 2 years old. Now she is a healthy 4 year old cat. :D No matter how old she gets she will always be our baby. We love her so much and it would mean a lot to me if she was in the 2013 calendar.


Entry # 6 - My Precious Cuddles
Ah, where to start. My precious Cuddles (yes, that is her name) is at my feet having a little dog's almost her 3rd year anniversary for living with us and maybe she's dreaming of her special Christmas treat stocking filled to the brim!

Cuddles came to live with us a few days before Christmas in 2009. She had been loved but her owner couldn't give her the attention she wanted & needed...and so she had to find a new family. She was a sweet dog from day 1 but we didn't know right away of her special love.

Several years before, at Christmastime, we had moved my parents in with us so we could help them more. Unfortunately, my father's health had deteriorated to the point where he needed full-time nursing care, and he was in a nearby residential facility. I visited pretty much daily (daddy's girl). So of course I had to tell him about our new family member. We had other rescued animals but this one seemed special. I took her to visit a few days later. I had no idea how she would do; some dogs are upset by wheelchairs and all the commotion and all. They can't jump and bark and startle residents....

I think this dog was born a therapy dog.

Cuddles seemed to know my father had severe knee pain and ever so gently stood on her hind legs so he could pet her. It didn't take more than a few minutes before she had a new friend. And he soon had a special bag of treats in his drawer for her. So Cuddles visited regularly and got to know other residents, the nursing staff, the support staff, and so forth. She'd run in with her tail wagging all ready to give someone some love.

And she knew -- somehow--that it was time to say goodbye a few months later. The last time she visited my dad, she was very subdued. Did she know? I don't know. All I know is that she gave him joy.

We still go visit that facility. Sadly, my mother is there now so we have all the more reason to go. Cuddles knows just how to get her to smile and to just snuggle with her so she can be petted. (a lot!). Cuddles also has a special friend just across the hall who keeps treats for her, and she knows which other rooms she has to visit on her way in or out. She is asked for almost on a daily basis but usually goes once a week. On her last visit, we visited a friend of my father's who was very excited to see us both. We then made another new friend just down the hall...a lady who was so happy to see her and hold her that she just cried.

One of the most moving visits recently was when a nurse asked us to visit a new room where the patient wasn't awake much nor very responsive. Cuddles seemed to sense she had to wait, and we talked to him about her being there and how she wanted to snuggle with him. The dog then gently lay next to him and snuggled in, laying still. Slowly his hand came out from under the covers and he petted her....not once did he open his eyes, but a small smile appeared slowly on his face. Cuddles gave him a big goodbye kiss. We had to promise to visit again.

Cuddles truly lives up to her name. She loves those around her and just makes you feel better!

On a sunny afternoon in early April I drove to the local Animal Rescue League armed with a cat carrier and a light heart, I was going to pick up our new cat and bring him home. We had lost our 18 year old "Peanut", better known as "Sweet Pea", a few months before and felt it was time for a new addition before our slightly (sic) spoiled dog "Lola" became too comfortable being "the one and only".

​Maurice had been picked up as a stray, he had been very ill with a temperature of 107. The wonderful people at the Animal Rescue League, realizing he was an exceptional cat, put him on intravenous fluids, gave him ice baths and alcohol rubs. For a while it was touch and go but their good care pulled him through. The stress of another change of home caused a relapse with a very bad cold and conjunctivitis, an inflammation of the eye which can be caused by a bacterium or a virus. After three trips to the Vet and two antibiotics which did not work, and at the suggestion of our Vet, I ordered some L-Lysine, an amino acid which works against Herpes, the virus usually involved with cat conjunctivitis. Actually, it works for human Herpes too, I hear. Don't worry, you can't catch cat Herpes, it's species specific. Incidentally, you can buy L-Lysine at the grocery store, cut it to size and crush it. Make sure to ask your Vet how much to give your cat. I did this while waiting for the Viralys. We were very worried that "Mo", that's what we call him, would lose his sight, but he will be just fine.
Eight months later, Maurice has completed recovered. He is the most wonderful cat, well, he's a red cat you know!

"Shannon" was a Lab/Shep/Hound mix, that was rescued by a local SPCA's Humane Police Officer. She and her traveling companion- a Basset Hound, were found running on a highway, in the middle of the night during a severe spring thunderstorm, by a caring PA State Trooper. She was taken to the shelter, where her companion soon was adopted, but she remained there, often looked over, because of her quiet, gentle nature. After 6 months of being at the shelter, she was "adopted" the veterinary hospital, where I worked as a Vet Tech. She was one of three dogs that lived there, and served as a resident blood donor. Following the death of my own 10 yr. old dog, "Shannon" came to our house. We think she was about 8 yrs. old at the time. We had just finished remodeling our kitchen and bathroom. The contractor had cut through an electric wire during the remodel, and had spliced it together in a repair attempt. It was located between two walls. Shannon had only been at our house 2 days, when during the night, she became very restless and agitated. She woke us up, and began running between the kitchen and bathroom. She even jumped into the tub, and began scratching at the wall, and whinning and barking. My husband, being an electical engineer, and Assistant Fire Chief, immediatey recognized that there was a fire, in the wall. Using a fire extinguisher, he shot it down the wall, stoping the fire. Had "Shannon" not entered our life, as our dog, we may not be alive. The fire inside the wall, may have not been detected, until it would of been out of control. She saved our home, our lives that night- she was our HERO Dog. She lived with us until she was about 14 yr. and died the day before Memorial Day- 2006. She was a rescued stray, that dedicated her life-in the rescue of other dogs, through donated blood, and by the rescue of her family, from a near tragic fire. Thank You Shannon- We love and miss you! :'(


Contest Entry #4 - Our Sweet "Mo"
RescueContest Entry #1 - Princess - Phoenix Animal Rescue

In March of 2011, my family and I went to the Reading Pet Expo to look for supplies for our Pit Bull and other animals that we own. We also wanted to see what the Pet Expo was all about. While we were there we stopped at the Furry Feet Rescue stand. They had a lot of dog magnets for sale. Since Pit Bulls are such a taboo breed, it really is difficult to find anything that has Pit Bulls on it. While we were looking at magnets a woman asked if she could help us and asked what we were looking for. We explained that we were looking for Pit Bull stuff, she said we should see the Pit Bull mix that they just got. She showed me the picture of Chief (now Jackson), who is a Shar-Pei/Pit Bull mix. I saw the most adorable face ever and just fell in love! Then she told me how he ended up at the rescue.I

Jackson was thrown out the window of a moving car. :'( The people in the car behind them picked him up and took him to the local police station. The Chief of Police had delivered him to the rescue (hence the name Chief). They also told us that he was about 6-8 months old. I knew that I had to have him.

I was told that I could fill out an application for him but an application had already been filled out for him by someone else. I had to wait to see if the meeting went well with the first applicant. I was EXTREMELY excited to get a call saying that it didn't work out well with the first applicant and was asked when I could come to meet him. My family (including my Pit Bull) and I drove well over an hour to the rescue center to meet him the following weekend. After we met him, we were working on his new name; we knew he was going to be coming home with us. We didn't take him home right away because he was scheduled to be neutered the next day. After he got neutered, upon my request, he was placed with a temporary foster home so that he could heal from his procedure. While with the foster family, they (like us) had fallen in love with Jackson. They had said that if we had changed our minds about adopting Jackson, they would gladly take him. The following weekend, we picked him up to take him to his new home, his FOREVER home! I spent the first 20 minutes on that ride home with my head locked back getting kisses from Jackson and just feeling the love, loyalty and gratefulness coming from him.

When we brought him home, he still had some road rash from when he was thrown out of the window of a moving car. It was noticeable that he wasn't fed on a regular basis, I could count his ribs. He weighed about 35 pounds. He wasn't given water on a regular basis either, he would drink and drink like he didn't know when his next drink was coming. It was like he was in survival mode. It was really, really sad. After 5 weeks, I weighed him again, he weighed 44 pounds and was well on his way to being a happy dog and being able to just enjoy life!

When we brought him home, he wasn't housebroken and didn't know any of the basic commands that most people teach their dogs in the first few months of their life. He didn't know how to walk on a leash either.

A year and a half later, Jackson is an EXTREMELY happy dog! He has toys and a another dog to play with and doesn't have to worry anymore about his next meal or next drink! He knows most of his basic commands like sit, wait, stay, NO, sit pretty, come and shake (he has a heck of a grip too). He is getting better with walking on a leash. He loves his deer antlers and Kongs filled with frozen peanut butter and REALLY LOVES giving kisses (which we get A LOT)! He loves to play and run around the house. He is such a great dog!

As I sit here thinking about the last year and a half, my heart fills with great joy at the progress that Jackson has made in learning and developing into a great friend to everyone he has come in contact with. I feel so grateful that I have rescued such a great dog. I feel bad that he came from a bad situation but I am so glad that my family and I can share our love with him. In return, we get lots of love and loyalty. He brings such joy and excitement to our home. We feel truly blessed to have such a great friend and companion by our side.

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I help run a non-profit 5013c animal rescue called Phoenix Animal Rescue (PAR). You can check out our rescue at
Our Mission is: Renewing hope for homeless animals, one day at a time.
We currently have about 55 adoptable pets that we are trying to find forever homes for.

Background: In August of 2010, I rescued a little Havanese dog named Princess who was dropped off at a kill shelter in Philadelphia. The people who dropped her off said that “they did not have enough time for her”. As expected, the shelter was overcrowded and Princess’s name was on the list of those dogs who would not be saved. Our rescue went to the shelter and pulled Princess to bring her to our kennel. My fiancè and I decided to foster Princess until someone adopted her or, as it turns out, we did! Princess is the most happy little adorable pet! She brings joy to us every single day. For Princess, this was a success story, but for many hundreds of dogs and cats each month, their lives are in danger.

A little bit about our Rescue: Phoenix Animal Rescue (PAR) is a non-profit rescue in Chester Springs, PA. Our mission is to renew hope for homeless animals, one day at a time. Our small but dedicated team are united by our love of animals and our passion for saving lives. Most of our animals are rescued from the all-access shelter in Philadelphia, which has an extremely high rate of euthanasia due to space constraints. Thousands of unwanted animals, both strays and owner surrenders, are brought to the shelter each month. Rescues like PAR are often their only chance at survival. Many animals come into the shelter in deplorable condition as a result of their former lives: neglected, emaciated, injured or sick, and very often terrified of people and other animals.
We operate through a network of foster homes that provide everything from medical care to increased socialization—and of course, enormous amounts of love and support. Several of our foster homes specialize in rehabilitating animals with behavioral issues or special needs that were abandoned by their former owners when it was no longer “convenient” to keep them. Once deemed unadoptable and at risk for euthanasia, these orphaned animals are now given the chance to thrive in a supportive environment and move on to new permanent homes. Fostering animals also enables the rescue to evaluate each animal’s “best fit” for their forever home. PAR strives to carefully place each adoptable animal with the perfect family for their needs, temperament and personality.
PAR is 100% volunteer and supported solely by private donations. Our committed team of individuals is truly saving lives every day.

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Contest Entry #2 - Jackson's Story   


Entry# 7 - Our Baby, Toto

In 2007 we lost our 13 year old dear Dusty. We had gotten Dusty as a puppy and he went everywhere with us. The house was so empty that two days after losing Dusty we went to the SPCA, looked at all their dogs and were getting ready to leave when someone said "wait" we have a dog in the cat's room, a little white dog, a westipoo (west highland terrier/toy poodle). One look and we fell in love and he has been our little Booboo ever since. He is a very loving baby and turned into a absolute lap dog. He is very trusting and very good with children. He helped us with the loss of Dusty and many other things since. For example, he will wake up my husband when he has sleep apnea so he gets his breath back. He is also an excellent watch dog but doesn't bite. He has a VERY loud bark. We hope to see him on the calendar.

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