Aloe Vera & Health Issues
I have had problems with GERD for many years and after developing Barrett's Esophagus I was put on Nexium, a PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor).  I had been on Nexium for 9 years and recently, after reading the FDA's new warnings about PPIs,  which include increased risks of osteoporosis and hip fractures,  I decided this was not for me anymore,  particularly after losing 4.5 inches of height and putting on 30 pounds of weight since on PPI therapy.  I do not advise anybody to do this without speaking with their doctor first, but my doctor is supporting my decision and actually said that some doctors are moving away from PPIs and prescribing histamine H2-receptors antagonists such as Zantac instead.  The rebound from stopping the Nexium was very bad.  Fortunately, I found out about Aloe Vera as a potential help in addition to Zantac and Tums.  I have had an Aloe Vera plant on my window sill for many years and can vouch for its healing properties for burns, very bad burns, in one word, unbelievable. So, it was a short step to trying it in juice/gel form to help my heartburn.  I have been drinking Aloe gel for a few months now and although the jury is still out, I am noticing some improvement and I am very optimistic that I will be able to stop or at least lower the amount of Zantac I use now.
Why am I telling you this on a pet's website? Well, after doing some research I found out that Aloe does wonders for a variety of problems animals have; cats, dogs, horses, you name it.  A book well worth reading is Dr. David Urch's "Aloe Vera Nature's Gift - Aloe Vera in Veterinary Practice".  Pay particular attention to what Aloe to buy.  There are many products available.  Although not obvious, a little digging reveals that some products are grown in China, some are improperly processed, some are laced with preservatives which are known carcinogens, some are diluted with water. I personally use a 100% full strength organic pure Aloe gel product, grown in the Carribean Islands, processed without chemicals or preservatives and shipped frozen to preserve its freshness.  No, it is not cheap, but as the proverbial saying goes, you get what you pay for. 
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